Abhinay Sharma Maths Book Notes PDF Download

Abhinay Sharma Maths Notes

Abhinay Sharma is a teacher Math, who is growing in popularity at the moment, we have received some of his notes, which we have brought, Abhinay Sharma Math Notes Book in PDF.

Abhinay Sharma Maths Book Notes

Abhinay Sharma Sir’s All Book And Notes PDF can be downloaded here. Abhinay Sharma Maths Notes Chapter Profit and Loss, Geometry, Trigonometry Note available in PDF, Abhinay Sharma Play With Advance Maths Hindi and English Book Buy & Download Abhinay Sharma All Math Book PDF Here You can get Abhinay Sharma’s notes in PDF through Lesson, available in Download in PDF Hindi.

About of Abhinay Sharma Sir

Abhinay Sharma is one of the very best teachers of Maths in “KD CAMPUS”, his most recognition has started in Mukherjeenagar, till now nobody knew Acting Sharma ji except for KD Campus Students but since he has done social media – Recognized by Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, their recognition increased day by day.they gave many exams but the biggest exam Abhinay Sharma himself has qualified SSC CGL 5 times, out of which he got 197.5 marks in 4 Exams, 197.5 marks. This clearly means that Abhinaya has consistently misjudged only 1 question in 4 Exams, one of her books is also available in the market, Abhinay Sharma’s Play with advanced maths by abhinay sharma which we will give you in the links below, with the help of which you are available You can get the book at home.

Abhinay Sharma Math Book Online

According to Linkedin.com Source, he highlighted his career as a great teacher of Mathematics, completing the entire concept of Mathematics for many big exams like SSC CGL, CHSL when he was doing his graduation in 2012.

Just like he got an appointment in jobs. Then he started coaching under the name of Abhinaya Math Classes, which is still very much popular in mathematics in Delhi. They have some famous books, which you can get at home with the help of Amazon / Flipkart with the help of the link given below.

  • Author: 385
  • 610 Pages
  • Language: Hindi
  • Publisher: Abhinay Publication
  • Price – 435 Rs.
  • Discount – 16% Off

Abhinay Sharma math notes PDF Overview

Abhinay Sharma Math Book PDF Download
Name of Teacher:Abhinay Sharma अभिनय शर्मा
Name of Subject:Math गणित
Material :Clear HD PDF

Note: Below we have provided the Practice Set & Questions Set PDF of the entire chapter of Abhinay Sharma sir, you can download everything one by one in the simplest effort.

Abhinay Sharma Math All Chapter PDF Download

Percentage (प्रतिशत)CLICK HERE
Profit and Loss (लाभ और हॉनि)CLICK HERE
Simple Interest (साधारण ब्याज) CLICK HERE
Number System (संख्या पद्धति)CLICK HERE
Compound Interest (चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज)CLICK HERE
Average (औसत)CLICK HERE
Boat and Streams (नाव और धारा)CLICK HERE
Geometry Triangle (रेखागणित)CLICK HERE
HCF & LCM (ल.स.प. और म.स.प)CLICK HERE
Mixture and Allegation (मिश्रण)CLICK HERE
Ratio And Proportion (अनुपात समानुपात)CLICK HERE
Time and Work (समय तथा कार्य)CLICK HERE
Distance Speed And Time (समय दूरी और चाल)CLICK HERE
Works and Wages (कार्य और वेतन)CLICK HERE
Partnership (साझेदारी)CLICK HERE
Pipe & Cistern (नल और टंकी)CLICK HERE
Algebra (बीजगणित)CLICK HERE

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