Basic Guide to SSC Exam | SSC Exam Guide

Basic Guide to SSC Exam

Basic Guide to SSC Exam

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) was set up in 1977 to conduct examinations for government recruitments. The main purpose of the commission is that it needs to ensure that the examination tests the candidate’s abilities to work in a public service job.

While many may think that a government job is a walk in the park, the truth is far from it. You need to have the knowledge and the skill to help citizens get their job done, and allow the country to run smoothly. In fact, a public service job is a bigger responsibility than a private one. That’s why government recruitment exams are tough to crack.

What Does the SSC Do?

The Staff Selection Commission Board is headed by a chairman and two other individuals. There is a Controller of Examinations who is the Secretary, as well. Every year, the SSC conducts examinations all over the country for candidates hoping to get a government job. This is not a simple task and there are nine regional offices that help make the entire task easier. These are situated in the cities of Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Guwahati, Bangalore, Allahabad, and Chennai. Chandigarh and Raipur are home to sub-regional offices.

These centers are crucial to the success of the SSC exam because they help co-ordinate everything with the head office in New Delhi. Controlling and regulating such a major examination is not an easy task, and you need a strong workforce to get everything in order. The SSC ensures that the exams are carried out in the right manner and all candidates are given a fair chance of getting through.

What is the SSC exam?

The SSC exam is very important because the candidates who are selected will be indirectly taking care of the nation. Once you understand the gravity of the situation you are bound to study harder for such a placement. The syllabus of an SSC exam is extremely detailed for a reason. This way only the best candidates will be able to overcome it.

The leaders cannot run a nation without the right kind of assistance from competent individuals. This is what the SSC exam needs to provide. The results will separate talented candidates who can handle pressure with ease and take care of problems without disrupting the flow of an organization.

The application for such an exam requires patience and you need to ensure that all the sections are filled in properly. Even the smallest of errors could see your application being rejected, and you will have to wait till the SSC has the exams again. Lakhs of entries are received but only a handful of candidates make it through all the rounds. It just goes to show how stringent the commission is in the case of recruitment.

As a student, it is important to always know what you are preparing for. A post in a government office is highly coveted, but you need to have the skills to handle the job. The SSC is the channel through which you can do something for your country and improve your station in life, as well.


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