Computer Awareness One Liners For Bank, SSC Exams

Computer Awareness One Liners

Hello Students, today we are coming with Computer Awareness One Liners For Bank, SSC Exams. Lots of students asking about this topic. so we think we have to write on this topic, so here all questions and answers.

Computer Awareness One-Liners: Bank SSC Competitive Exams

1.Which type of computer uses distinct values to represent the data internally and all information are represented using the digits Os and 1s ?

Ans : Digital Computer.

2.Which computer represented data as variable across a continuous range of values and were the earliest computers used for measuring of parameters that vary continuously in real time, such as temperature, pressure and voltage?

Ans : Analog Computer.

3. Which was the first mechanical calculating device for counting of large numbers ?


4.Which was the first mechanical device built for the purpose of multiplication in 1617 ?

Ans : Napier’s Bones.

5. Who is called as the father of computer ?

Ans : Charles Babbage.

6.Which technology was used during the period for the First Generation Computer (1940 to 1956) ?

Ans : Vacuum Tubes.

7. Expand UNIVAC.

Ans : UNIVersal Automatic Computer.

8.Expand ENIAC.

Ans : Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator .

9.Expand EDVAC.

Ans : Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer.

10.Which technology was used during the period for the Second Generation (1956 to 1963) Computers ?

Ans : Transistors.

11.In which generation of Computers the instructions were written using the assembly language ?

Ans : Second Generation.

12.High-level programming languages, such as early versions of COBOL and FORTRAN were also developed during which period ?

Ans : Second Generation.

13.Which technology was used during the period for the Third Generation (1964 to 1971) Computers?

Ans : IC ( Integrated Circuits ).

14.Which technology was used during the period for the Fourth Generation (1971 to present) Computers ?

Ans : Microprocessors.

15. Which generation of computers uses the Large Scale Integration (LSI) and the Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) technology ?

Ans : Fourth Generation .

16. Expand GUI.

Ans : Graphical User Interface.

17. Which was the first microprocessor to be used ?

Ans :  The Intel 4004 chip.

18.In 1981, which company introduced the first computer for home use ?

Ans : IBM .

19.Which generation of computer uses artificial intelligence ?

Ans : Fifth Generation (Present and Next).

20. Which generation of computer uses Super Large Scale Integrated (SLSI) chips that are able to store millions of components on a single chip ?

Ans : Fifth generation .

21.Which generation of computers uses parallel processing that allows several instructions to be executed in parallel, instead of serial execution?

Ans : Fifth generation


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