How to Select Optional Subject for UPSC Civils as per the Latest Syllabus

how to Select Optional Subject for UPSC

Each year around 10-12 lakh people enroll for UPSC. Selecting an optional topic plays a very important role in the mains examination. Aspirants are in a major issue when coming to the choice of the optional topic.

UPSC Civils Mains Exam Marks Weightage:

Paper IEssay250
Paper IIGeneral Studies I250
Paper IIIGeneral Studies II250
Paper IVGeneral Studies III250
Paper VGeneral Studies IV250
Total Marks for General Studies1000
Paper  VIOptional Subject I250
Paper VIIOptional Subject II250
Total Marks for Optional Subjects500
Personal Interview275

Popular Optional Subjects for UPSC Civils Mains Exam:

After 2-3 months of research, we have come up with the popular optional subjects that have chosen by most of the aspirants in the mains exam.

SubjectAverage No. of Aspirants Chosen every year  
Public Administration2800-3200
Philosophy + Psychology + Political Science & EconomicsLess than 2100
Science/Arts SubjectsLess than 1200
Literature SubjectsLess than 1200

How to Select Optional Subject for UPSC

  • In accordance with the latest telling, the discretionary subject to be chosen by the candidate is decreased to ONE and the highest score for your discretionary is 500 marks.
  • Here we’ve produced the article which helps you in selecting the Best Optional Issue in UPSC Mains Examination.
  • According to the legends in this area, the variety of the optional topic totally depends upon the character of the candidate as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.
  • Before choosing the optional subject for the mains examination, the aspirant must understand and comprehend his skill. And then he knows in which discretionary subject he can score more.
  • Even though the questions such as “How to select the optional topic “, “Maximum scoring optional topic “, “Highest success ratio optional” are endless questions that nobody can answer.

Conclusion: So men do not refer to sites and other resources for selecting an optional topic because nobody knows about your strengths and weaknesses better than you.


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