IBPS Clerk Exam Common Interview Questions List

Hello Students, Today we are coming with IBPS Clerk Exam Common Interview Questions List. Its necessary for ibps exam students who going to give the interview. so lets check what are the questions ask in the interview?

IBPS clerk common interview questions

1) Tell us about yourself and your educational qualifications?

2) Tell us about your family background?

3) Why do you want to join banking sector, why not any job related to your subject?

4) What is your father & his job profile?

5) Tell me about your native place/city/state?

6) What is the importance of hobby in our life?

7) Have you been cleared any exam before it?

8) Tell me about banking industry?

9) Your strong and weak points?

10) Captial city of countries/states?

11) Currencies of Countreis?

12) What is PLR?

13) What is CAR?

14) What is difference between Hobby and Habit?

15) What is NPA?

16) Tell me difference between Nationalised Bank and Private Bank?

17) Do you know the Budget?

Does budget have any effect on us.

18) What is the basic difference between ‘Mutual Funds’ and Banks?

19) Mention a few important roles of the rural banks in India?

20) What do you know about Merchant Banking?

21) What is telemarketing? Can it be useful to the Public Sector Banks?

22) What are the advantages and disadvantages of computerisation in banks?

23) What is Disinvestment Policy?24) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

25) Why should we choose you?

26) What was your Job profile?

27) Have you ever visited any Bank Branch? If yes, What was you experience there?

28) What is Bank rate?

29) What is role of clerk in Bank?

30) What is Financial Inclusion?

31) Abbreviate SARFAESI ?

32) What is bill of exchange?

33) What is Promissory note?

34) What is definition of Hypothecation?

35) What is role of NABARD over the RRB’s?

36) What are the rights of Banker where there is no limitation?

37) How are you feeling in front of us?

38) What is difference between CAR and CRR?

39) What is SLR and at present time what is its rate?

40) By changing Repo rate and Reverse Repo Rate how inflation is controlled?

41) Who decides Prime Lending Rate?

42) If you are sent to rural areas then how you will you make bank grow?

43) Difference between Balance Sheet of Bank and Balance of Company?

44)What is difference between Direct tax and Indirect tax?

45) Meaning of your name?

46) Difference between retail and Wholesale banking?

47) What are third party products?

48) What is savings bank rate & how is it calculated?

49) How many nationalized banks are there in India?

50) How many different types of risks are in banks?

51) What type of facilities is provided by banks?

52) Why do banks still charge interests on loans if they are to abide by socialistic Principle?

53) What is Value Added Tax?

54) What is difference between Tangible asset and Intangible assets? Give examples?

55) What is difference between Public Sector Company and Public Limited Company?

56) What is Capital Gain?

57)What is Open Market Operation?

58) Explain Cheque, Demand Draft, Inflation, Deflation, CRR, SLR?

59) What are the main objectives of Monetory policy?

60) Explain Mutual Funds?

61) why is interest on loan not included in cost sheet ?

62) What is marginal cost?

63) What is meant by buisness ?

64) When an asset completed its life period in the books of account, and we sale that asset then what is the entry in the books of account?

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