Sarkari Teacher Salary: Government Teacher Salary (Updated)

Teacher Salary

What is the salary of a Government Teacher? How much Salary does a Primary Teacher? Sarkari Teacher Salary Details Everything in the English language here, you will know how much is the salary of a government teacher, all the states have also been taken into consideration in the available articles.

You can get government teacher salary in hand from other states and Sarkari Teacher Salary Scale Slip Structure BTC TGT PGT LT, Promotion, Pension, detailed description is available on everything, in the complete article below, you have information about government teacher salary.

Government Teacher Salary:

Talking about all the states except Uttar Pradesh, there are mainly 4 posts under TEACHER post, and the salary of all those posts is different, and promotion for those posts is also through a different processes. which is like this.

01. Senior Teacher (Primary School)
02. Head Master (Primary School)
03. Senior Teacher (Upper Primary School)
04. Principal (Upper Primary School)

Teacher Salary:

Type / Cadre of TeacherBasic payGrade pay
Assistant Teacher PS SALARY9,300-34,8004,200
Assistant Teacher UPS Salary9,300-34,8004,600
Assistant Teacher (Aided PS)9,300 – 34,8004,200
Assistant Teacher (Aided UPS)9,300 – 34,8004,600
Teacher (KGBV)Part Time-7200 Full Time-9200
Itinerant Teacher (CWSN)6,000
Government LT (TGT)9,300 -.34,8004,600
Government Lecturer (PGT)9,300 – 34.8004,800
Aided School LT (TGT)9,300 – 34,8004,600
Aided School Lecturer (PGT)9,300 – 34,8004,800

Job Profile of Government Sarkari Teacher

In this topic, the Government Teacher Job Profile will tell you what are the tasks of a government teacher, pay attention to the topic given below.

  • All government schools have a curriculum by NSF, which has guidelines, which students have to study on the basis of help and design.
  • In a government school, the teacher’s job is to educate the students in many other directions as well as keeping simple instructions.
  • Whether the number of students is small or more, the government teacher will have to study in school, following the guidelines, and pay attention to all government standards.
  • Participating in staff meetings and training and development sessions.
  • The main role of discipline is the main role of a teacher.
  • Development of students in other main functions of government teacher also in Art, Game, Singing.

Sarkari Teacher Salary (Updated)

Government Teacher Salary:

Currently Teachers Pay Scale: Rs 9,300 – Rs 34,800
Grade Pay: Rs 4,800.

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale: Rs 29,900 – Rs 1,04,400
Grade Pay: Rs 14,400.

Primary Teacher Salary:

According to the salary of the government schools, the primary teacher’s salary can be seen mainly in the table below, based on the present.

Primary Teacher Salary: Currently Teachers Pay Scale: Rs 9,300 – Rs 34,800
Grade Pay: Rs 4,800

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale: Rs 29,900 – Rs 1,04,400
Grade Pay: Rs 14,400

Sarkari Principle Salary:

The estimated salaries of government schools may be slightly lower than those available in the table below, based on current.

Goverment Principle Salary: Currently Teachers Pay Scale: Rs 15,600 – Rs 39,100
Grade Pay: Rs 6,600
Entry Pay: Rs 25,530

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale: Rs 46,800 – Rs 1,17,300
Grade Pay: Rs 14,400
Entry Pay: Rs 76,590

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